FreePBX / Asterisk Systems

     FreePBX (based on popular Asterisk engine) is one of the most popular VoIP PBX system. Please see a configuration guideline to allow FreePBX working with our system.

1. You need to have installed FreePBX or naked Asterisk system. Please check FreePBX web site with a full configuration manual.

2. Login into Australian Phone "VoIP MY ACCOUNT", go to devices as shown below:

mor devices

7. Make sure that your device is configured as "Trunk", otherwise you may have problems with incoming calls and CID translation for outgoing calls. If you need to change type of your device please advise us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


8. Please check your device credentials as show bellow:

mor dev settings

9. Navigate to Connectivity, Trunks, and define a SIP trunk with next peer details:

fpbx add trunk

10. Click to add SIP Trunk, enter "Australian Phone Company" trunk name and go to SIP Settings:

fpbx ausph trunk

11. in SIP settigs set: Outgoing Trunk details:

fpbx outg trunk


12. Navigate to Inbound to define registration

13. Define a registration string:

fpbx incoming apply

14. Click on "Submits" in the bottom of page and "Apply" on the top.

15. Now your trunk should be online and registered, you may navigate to Reports > Asterisk Info > Chan_SIP_info and see registration status:

fpbx trunk registered

16. Now you need to define Outbound rules to be able to place calls via trunk. Navigate to Connectivity > Outbound Routes:

fpbx outbound

17. Set a Route name as "Australian Phone" going to previously defined "Australian Phone" trunk:

fpbx outbound trunk

18. Now you need to set Dial Pattern, how to route calls to this trunk:

fpbx pattern2

19. Click Submit to save changes.

20. Now you need to define inbound rules to receive calls from this trunk, navigate to Connectivity > Inbound Routes:

fpbx inbound

21. The best practice is when you have an individual route per phone number (DID). Set a description for your DID, like "Main Line" or "User Andres", type DID in E164 format like 61399998289 (11 digits without leading + or 0) and set destination where you would like to receive calls from this number, like extension or menu:

fpbx did

22.Click "Submit" on the bottom of page and "Apply" on the top right.

fpbx apply

24. System is ready. Call to free 09002 test number and try to call in on your number.