What and how numbers can be dialed ?

Depending on your destination number dialling rules may be changed and please have a look at how to call to different destinations:

  • Local Australian numbers like 02xxxxxxxx (NSW/ACT), 03xxxxxxxx (VIC/TAS), 04xxxxxxxx (Mobile), should be dialed starting from ZERO. Like 03xxxxxxxx for example for Melbourne.
  • Short dialling without state code number and route number only by eight digits within your state are available by default with a state from registration address. For example, if you put your address with state "VIC" during registration: 03 prefix is added. Please drop us a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to change default allocation and we set it up for your device.
  • 1300/1800 Services dial like usual starting from 13 or 18
  • Emergency '000' number is dialling like usual '000', please remember that you are not able to use '000' dial without an Australian Phone number.
  • 1900 premium-rate numbers are unavailable due to the fact that that calls charging for these services cannot be done in real-time.
  • 1345xxxx back-to-base monitoring alarm systems dial is not allowed, due to upstream carrier restrictions.
  • To dial international calls please dial like from your landline 0011 before the number, you should not type '0' after 0011 or country code. For example, for UK landline number 44123123121 you should dial 001144123123121, where 44 is the country code. Please check our page with destinations and prefixes if required.
  • To dial international calls when you are using mobile applications like Zoiper, CSIPsimple, Media5Phone etc.. You may start from + like an ordinary mobile. In this case, UK landline number 44123123121 may be dialled like +44123123121 or 001144123123121

Service numbers (FREE):

  • 09001 - Balance check, dial to listen to your current balance
  • 09002 - Echo Test, dial to check your sound quality
  • 09003 - Voice Mail service, dial to listen to your messages. Check Voice Mail configuration here.
  • 09004 - Tells Server current date and time
  • 09005 - Deactivate/Activate Caller ID number
  • *72 Call Forward All Activate - User will be prompted to enter a number where Calls should be forwarded unconditionally. Call state Before will be set with External number.
  • *73 - Call Forward All Deactivate - Disables unconditional forward.
  • *52 - Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate - User will be prompted to enter a number where Calls should be forwarded when called Device is unreachable. Call state No Answer will be set with External number.
  • *53 - Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate - Disables No Answer forward.
  • *90 Call Forward Busy Activate - User will be prompted to enter a number where Calls should be forwarded when Device is busy. Call state Busy will be set with External number.
  • *91 - Call Forward Busy Deactivate - Disables Busy forward.

All changes made by calling to these extensions are visible in Device Call Flow page and can be changed manually when needed.


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